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We help our customers by giving them extra attention, a listening ear, understanding the needs and business essence and translating it in an honest and exciting way into a special product. Clover Studio provides creative solutions for every desire and dream of the customer


Logo & Branding design

Branding is the first thing every business needs.

The thoughts always come up - what do I want to broadcast? What are the colors that will characterize my company? Which logo will accompany me? What fonts? Who is the most accurate target audience? What elements and images will be part of the image and even what appropriate music. 


The design of the image is the heart of every beginning of work and my great fun doing it.

Web design

Studio Tiltan specializes in designing WIX websites with modern technology with an easy and efficient management interface. At the beginning of the work, we meet for a full characterization of the site, understand the client's needs, check who the target audience is, what the goals are, who the competitors are and other important details.

And here we go...

מכבי 3.jpg

Presentations design

​What is the easiest and most convenient way to present your business if not in a company presentation? We receive all the initial information from you and create business PowerPoint presentations that are refreshing and exciting. From the stage of writing the content, designing the template to conveying the concept through images, icons and animation.
We also combine music and narration if necessary and design high-quality and attractive company presentations and investor presentations.

Design for conferences and exhibitions

We provide an answer to all printing needs at company events, conferences and meetings.
From brochures, catalogs, flyers, brochures, business cards, packaging, office stationery to designing booths for exhibitions, posters, roll-ups, folders, gifts for participants and more...

Everything you desire can be designed and made. We work with the best printing houses in Israel and also carry out printing productions.

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